Suburbanites Transitioning to Concierge Care

Suburbanites Transitioning to Concierge Care - Post

Trends are sometimes easiest to spot in markets that are perceived as being at extremes: If a product or service catches on in a small town as well as a large city, the thinking goes, then it probably will appeal to those demographics considered “in-between.”

While that’s a pretty broad generalization, a story about concierge care becoming more popular in the Chicago suburbs seems nonetheless to confirm it.

According to a report from the Daily Herald, the concierge medical model has become attractive enough that a company located in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park is currently at work helping physicians establish concierge practices.

The newspaper story mentions one local physician who made the switch to concierge care right after the end of the year because he was having a hard time keeping up with the administrative requirements (including the maintaining of electronic records) that were needed due to his significant patient roster.

Some of the doctor’s patients were willing to go along with the switch, even though it meant paying some money up front. As one patient who stayed with the practice – mainly because of the doctor’s keen knowledge of his health — told the Daily Herald, “I really love the guy! He’s always been so personable and so good about calling me three days later to ask how things are going. He always gives me the extra information and extra perspective I need to follow up on my own.”

Of course, not everyone sees the benefits of concierge care. Some believe that the practice could make healthcare unaffordable for people living in less affluent regions of the country. One Chicago area resident has asked his state representative to explore legislation that could make the concierge model illegal in Illinois.

The rep in question, though, declined to pursue that avenue and went on record as saying that she was “…not made aware of any data that suggest that these type of practices are a growing threat to access to health care.”

And the suburban doctor referenced above has this to say about his switch: “From my point of view, concierge is allowing me to continue to practice medicine the way I’ve always done — with emphasis on the patient — which you can’t do with an increasingly administratively burdened practice.”

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