Inspirational Speeches on Innovation in Medicine

Inspirational Speeches on Innovation in Medicine - Post

innovationIn order for modern medicine to solve the issues that we deal with everyday, it’s going to take innovation. Yet, before you get to innovation, you must first have inspiration. Med City News attempts to provide some of that inspiration in a recent article titled “5 powerful speeches that changed medicine for the better.”

Chris Seper of Med City News writes, “Healthcare today is about new ideas, new players, new approaches and new tech. But in the past few years only a handful of visionaries have delivered to clearly outline where all this ‘new’ is going. These five talks truly changed the way I think about healthcare. The speeches are about more than the words. They were said at the right time and by the right people. I bet you heard some of them.”

One of the speeches that Seper highlights came from Jeff Rohrs, who addressed the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit in 2014. On that speech, Seper writes, “Jeff Rohrs, an executive from ExactTarget, reminded me of how much healthcare can learn from outsiders. He walked in untethered to healthcare’s dogma and passionately talked about marketing techniques from other sectors and how they can help change medicine. Rohrs’ talk is not online (I’ve included his presentation deck and much of his talk is based off his book, Audience). While he’s given similar talks, Rohrs doesn’t address healthcare in those speeches. That connection was what made the Patient Experience presentation so great.”

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