How Individualized Healthcare Can Help Empower Patients

How Individualized Healthcare Can Help Empower Patients - Post

health-good-healthcare-pillsWith the healthcare industry transitioning to meet the needs of the times, patients are looking for more options that empower them. Fierce Health Finance takes a look at the unfortunate consequences of the issues currently plaguing healthcare industry in a recent article titled “Healthcare industry must empower patients to say no to unnecessary care.”

Ron Shinkman of Fierce Health Finance writes, “The most horrifying story involves an 82-year-old family friend, who underwent triple bypass surgery because he had fainting spells. The father deferred to his son Bruce’s judgment about whether to proceed. ‘The blockages weren’t causing his father’s fainting episodes or any other impairments to his life. The operation would not make him feel better. Instead, ‘success’ to the doctors meant reducing his future risk of a stroke. How long would it take for the future benefit to outweigh the immediate risk of surgery? The doctors didn’t say, but carotid surgery in a patient like Bruce’s father reduces stroke risk by about one percentage point per year.’ In other words, a mechanistic evaluation and solution. Bruce’s father didn’t fit the definition of success. He suffered a stroke on the operating table. Merge healthcare’s commodification with its mechanization, and you have its system of delivery in a nutshell… Unless patients are empowered to put their foots down and say ‘enough’–the systematic changes required to actually make a dent in the way healthcare is delivered and financed will never occur. Unfortunately, patients are often still too cowed by the complexity of the services being delivered, intimidated by the reality of their own medical condition or that of their family member, and worried about the costs to insist upon hearing alternatives.”

With a more individualized healthcare system, many of these issues can be resolved. At Medicine Within Reach, we believe that a strong patient-doctor relationship is essential to good health. We are a group of primary care physicians in San Francisco who have come together to form a concierge medical practice. Our personalized services make this special bond easily attainable. We have a mission to partner with our patients in an integrated approach by navigating through the complex medical system for you.

Some of our services include comprehensive annual physical examinations, women’s health tests, and preventative health planning. With Medicine Within Reach, you can enjoy such benefits as flexible scheduling, easy accessibility, and comprehensive care for complex medical needs.

If you’re considering concierge medicine, contact us for a consultation.


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