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Concierge MoneyThere is plenty of stigma around concierge medicine when it comes to cost. People have often associated the practice with only being for the super wealthy. However, that is not the case. CNBC sheds some light on this reality in a recent article titled “Doctors on demand: Affordable and getting more popular.”

Sharon Epperson of CNBC writes, “Most concierge physicians accept insurance, but paying a retainer in addition to insurance premiums may seem to some consumers like they’re paying twice. However, if you make some changes to your existing insurance plan, you may actually save money, Tetreault says. You could have a high deductible health insurance plan that’s paired with a health savings account. With a higher deductible, you’ll have lower premiums. You can put the money that you save on premiums in a tax-exempt health savings account (HSA). Those funds can be used for any expense that is directly related to a qualified medical service that has been provided—including some fees paid to the concierge practice. There are more than 4,000 concierge doctors in the U.S. today and 8,000 more are engaged in some type of ‘membership medicine’, where patients pay a fee for specific services, Tetreault said. Concierge Medicine Today allows you to search for doctors currently accepting new patients on its website.”

Forbes joins the discussion with an article titled “Concierge Medicine For All: Direct Primary Care Is The Solution For Our Health Care System.” Timothy Wingo of Forbes writes, “So what is the solution?  Re-unite the consumer of healthcare with the payer of healthcare. If we reintroduce market forces into healthcare, consumers will become more involved in their healthcare decisions and ask more questions. They will want to know if a test or procedure is really necessary, ie, going to add benefit and make them healthier, since they are paying for it more directly. This will decrease demand for many healthcare services which will in turn decrease costs. Pay doctors adequately for their time and expertise. This will encourage them to remain in private practice and utilize private companies for labs and imaging studies who charge a fraction of the cost.”

If you’re considering concierge medicine, your best bet in the Bay Area is Medicine Within Reach. We are a group of primary care physicians in San Francisco who believe that a strong patient-doctor relationship is essential to good health. We provide personalized services to make this special bond easily attainable. It is our mission is to partner with our patients in an integrated approach by navigating through the complex medical system for you.

Our services include comprehensive annual physical testing, women’s health testing, and preventative planning.

If you think concierge medicine could be the solution for you, contact Medicine Within Reach for a consultation.


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