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New Study Highlights the Importance of Nutrition

healthy-foodWe all must stay on top of our nutrition. According to recent news, this isn’t just important for our physical health, but also for our mental health. News-Medical reports on this in a recent article titled “Study highlights the importance of nutrition for maintaining mental health.”

The author of the story writes, “An international study involving the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Valencia, recently published in ‘The Lancet Psychiatry’, highlights the importance of nutrition for maintaining mental health. Lecturer of Psychiatry Vicent Balanzá has participated in this study. Lecturer of Psychiatry Vicent Balanzá, also a psychiatrist at La Fe University Hospital, participated in the scientific review made by members of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research (ISNPR) on the importance, research and future of nutritional medicine, as ‘it has been proven that the quality of diet and the deficiencies in certain essential nutrients are determining factors for physical and mental health’. In fact, nutrition ‘has become a key factor for the high prevalence and incidence of very frequent mental diseases, such as depression. A balanced diet is as important in psychiatry as it is in other medical specialties such as cardiology or endocrinology’, says Balanzá.”

EmpowHer also reports on this in a recent article titled “Nutrition and Mental Health: Serving Up Happier Days.” According to blogger Nutrition Sheila of EmpowHer, “Today you may not have the energy to prep a week of healthy foods that will help you feel better, but you are reading about those foods now for when you are ready. As discussed in Nutrition and Mental Health: Benefits of Supplements, there are as many neurons in the abdomen as there are in your brain — collectively known as ‘the gut brain.’ The gut brain is responsible for making 95 percent of our serotonin, our ‘happy’ neurotransmitter. When digestion is flowing smoothly, serotonin production can go as planned. Overall this means eating regularly (daily and about the same times daily) and getting enough protein and fiber throughout the day.”

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Individualizing Medicine and How it Could Affect the Battle Against Cancer

MedicineCancer literally kills millions throughout the world each year. The search for a cure continues. One possible solution to reducing cancer cases is individualized care. FOX News takes a look at this in a recent article titled “Precision medicine: How individualized care may reduce cancer deaths.”

Lindsay Carlton of FOX News writes, “Treating cancer by targeting a patient’s genome— the complete set of genetic information— is often known as precision medicine. ‘Twenty-five years ago when the human genome project was first initiated, it took 13 years and 3 billion dollars to sequence the genome of a single individual. We can now do that sequencing in less than a week for a few thousand dollars, and that’s the technology we’re using to test the DNA in cancer,’ said Kung, who also spoke at a media briefing with a panel of scientists about the future of cancer for the TV special. The impact of these discoveries is already being felt today. Since 2012, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has approved 30 targeted therapies. In this year’s State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama called for a new initiative to fund precision medicine so the medical industry can continue to develop patient-specific remedies, and discover ways to overcome drug resistance in new and current cancer treatments. ‘One of the goals of precision medicine is to be able to identify changes in the genes or characteristics of the disease that would predict that the disease wouldn’t respond well to the standard way of treating,’ Kung said. ‘It’s important to think of precision medicine [as] not only telling us what treatments should be applied, but which ones shouldn’t be applied because they are doomed to fail.’”

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Benefits of Nutrition Consultants

NutritionMost everyone at some point in their lives has heard the admonition to “eat right” – particularly at the turn of a New Year, when the person giving that advice just might be yourself!

The benefits of good nutrition cannot be overstated. Just as a car or other vehicle runs better on untainted fuel and regular maintenance, the human body needs and deserves a good diet in order to keep running in a healthy manner. Many people prefer to find their own nutritional path, and it’s fair to say that many often succeed. However, there are tangible, valuable benefits in working with a nutritionist.

Consider these positives, courtesy of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), when deciding whether to seek a registered dietician nutritionist’s help:

High-Level Professional Counseling: Registered Dieticians (RDs) have completed many levels of education, passed a specially designed curriculum and successfully taken an exam – as well as having completed a rigorous program at a health care facility.

Personalized Advice: RD’s do not typically hand out boilerplate diet programs that could be applied to just about anyone. “A dietitian is like an investigator seeking to learn about your current and desired state of health,” says the AND’s spokesperson. “At your initial visit, expect to do a lot of talking while the dietitian does a lot of listening.”

Assistance in Managing Chronic Diseases: “An RD can review your lab results with you, help you understand your condition and provide education about the nutrients that affect it,” says another spokesperson. “Then, he or she will help you create an eating plan that includes all the important nutrients that can help you manage your condition.”

Guidance with Food Allergies: As well as with food sensitivities and intolerances. These conditions often overwhelm people who start to wonder whether anything they wish to eat might cause a potential problem. This can lead to nutritional deficiencies. An RD can help guide you through this difficult area.

At Medicine Within Reach, you will have access to preventive health planning that includes onsite nutrition consultants. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. Dr. Sheena Kumar is currently accepting new patients.