Being a Man and Getting Your Annual Check Up

Being a Man and Getting Your Annual Check Up - Post

men-checkup-medicineIn honor of Father’s Day, the Moapa Valley Progress issued a challenge to men throughout the country in the form of an article titled “Dodging the Doctor? Real Men Get An Annual Check Up.”

Addressing STD testing, Enrique Alfaro of the Moapa Valley Progress writes, “Why: Depending on lifestyle and sexual history, men should talk to their doctor about whether they should be tested for certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, human papilloma virus (HPV), Hepatitis B, HIV or other sexually transmitted infections. Early treatment can cure many STDs, lessen their symptoms and/or make the disease less likely to spread. When: All men who are sexually active, as well as their partners, should be tested regularly for STDs. The CDC has no set recommendations for the frequency of STD testing, unless an individual engages in high-risk sexual practices or has symptoms such as genital sores, fluid-filled blisters, ulcerations or warts, or unusual discharge. The agency does advise yearly HIV testing for high-risk patients, such as individuals who have had unprotected sex with more than one sexual partner since their last screening.”

One major issue with STD testing is the long waits in some locations. For example, consider this article from the NL Times titled “STD TESTING WAIT TIME ‘FATALLY’ LONG AFTER BUDGET CUTS.” Janene Van Jaarsveldt of the NL Times writes, “According to the health service, GGD doctors have to refuse patients more and more often due to the budget cuts. The government will only reimburse 40 thousand consultations in Amsterdam this year, that is 6 thousand fewer tests than what was carried out in 2014. The Public Health Service states that the only way to reduce the length of the waiting lists is by refusing people who are not part of the biggest risk groups – young people between 20 and 24 years.”

This is a frightening situation that is a reality in the U.S. for some. One way to make sure you can get appointments for STD testing that don’t put terrible burdens on your schedule is by utilizing concierge medicine.

When it comes to concierge medicine in San Francisco, your best bet is Medicine Within Reach. We believe that a strong patient-doctor relationship is essential to good health. Our personalized services make this special bond easily attainable. It is our mission to partner with our patients in an integrated approach by navigating through the complex medical system for you.

With us, you’re guaranteed flexible scheduling, easy access, and comprehensive care for your complex needs. We provide comprehensive annual physical examinations, preventative planning, and women’s health testing, among many other services.

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